Verizon's Response to COVID-19
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Accessibility in Tech

Diversely-abled leaders, entrepreneurs, and allies in tech who support and invest in diversity and inclusion. Join the new LinkedIn Group and start connecting with fellow entrepreneurs, tech prof...

Countdown to 2025: Problems and Opportunities in the New Digital Era

Cafe IW: Talk with Experts

Woman in tech

Young Women of Color in Technology

An Early Warning: The Story of SARS in 2003

ICYMI: Not Invisible: Taking Action on the Crisis of MMIWG

Verizon's Thought Leadership panel on Thursday, April 29 kicked off the National Week of Action for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG). Our panelists discussed how individuals and companies can support Indigenous Advocates in their work to support Ind...

Women’s History Month

Community Partner Chat: Providence Public Library

Telehealth Services Help Care Providers and Patients During COVID-19

Community Partner Chat: New Jersey Institute for Social Justice

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