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Courageous Conversations: Housing Access: Redlining and Housing Dis...

Redlining was the federal government's deliberate, discriminatory practice of denying home loans to residents of neighborhoods considered predominately immigrant or "minority." Though this practice seems both archaic and a thing of the past, it's a very real issue that still occurs today. Even in...

The Pre-Coders meetup is a great place to get your feet wet in coding

Listen & Learn: Intentional Networking

Courageous Conversations: Tricia Rose: How Structural Racism Works

Courageous Conversations: Voting Rights: A History of Voter Suppres...

Community Partnership Chat: The Center on Colfax

Verizon’s Josh Miller talked with John White, Events Director for the Center on Colfax about the Center's mission to support the LGBTQ+ community in the Denver area--particularly during the pandemic--and how the Center plans to celebrate Denver Pride in person and online ...

Words of Pride – Amplifying Our Voices

Community Partnership Chat: Juneteenth Music Festival

ICYMI: Not Invisible: Taking Action on the Crisis of MMIWG

Women’s History Month

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