CBS Denver: Can Virtual Reality Help Sports Fans Experience Game Day In A Post COVID-19 World?

This is How Virtual Reality Treats Mental Health

“If I really do want to establish a feeling that I’m there, then there needs to be some capacity for me to make a decision to move myself forwards, backwards, around and in doing that, for there to be a response. The responsiveness and that resonance has to be established and maintained in order for it to feel like a live event.”- Jessica Brillhart, Director of USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies MxR (mixed reality) Lab.

What will sports, and sports fandom, look like in a post COVID-19 world? While states across America and countries around the world continue to re-open, large gatherings remain a non-starter. The sports events and live concerts of old, in which tens or hundreds of thousands of fans all crowded into a stadium, appear a long ways off.

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