USA Today: CES 2021: Hologram Technology Inspired By ‘Star Wars’ Could Bring ‘New Dimension’ To Smartphones

The original “Star Wars,” a movie later subtitled “A New Hope,” inspired generations of filmmakers and other creators.

R2-D2’s holographic broadcast of Princess Leia to Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker proved particularly motivating to Taylor Scott.

A scientist who applied for his first patent at age 15, Scott is on a mission to bring holograms – similar to those created by the beloved droid – to the masses.

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Fortune: Who Is Cristiano Amon, Qualcomm’s New CEO?

The world’s leading maker of chips for mobile phones, Qualcomm, is getting a new leader. CEO Steve Mollenkopf announced on Monday he would resign in June to be replaced by his top lieutenant, company president Cristiano Amon.

The unexpected shift—Mollenkopf is only 52 and has been CEO for seven years—is unlikely to lead to any dramatic changes in strategy at Qualcomm. Amon, 50, has been at the company for two decades and helped Mollenkopf navigate a sea of troubles.

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KPBS: San Diego Coastal Marshes May Become Important Tools To Battle Climate Change

Matthew Costa stepped gingerly into a little pocket wetland near the Del Mar Fairgrounds. The squishy salt marsh is more than just a patch of habitat in the intertidal zone.

“Just watch out,” said Costa, a postdoctoral researcher at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, as he warned a helper. “Watch out for birds.”

Endangered ridgeway rails like hiding in the pickleweed that covers the soft, moist ground nestled between train tracks and a busy Del Mar street.

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The San Diego Union-Tribune: Mollenkopf To Step Down; President Cristiano Amon Taking Over

Qualcomm Chief Executive Steve Mollenkopf, who guided the San Diego wireless technology firm through a tumultuous five-year stretch of legal attacks on its business model, layoffs and a failed hostile takeover attempt, announced Tuesday he will retire at the end of June.

Mollenkopf, 52, will be replaced by Qualcomm’s second- in-command — President Cristiano Amon. Since joining Qualcomm in 1995, Amon led the company’s efforts to expand its footprint with Chinese smartphone makers and spearheaded its work on 5G wireless technologies.

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Voice of San Diego: The Port Of San Diego Had Its Own Smart Streetlight Program

The city of San Diego has drawn national scrutiny for its smart streetlight program over the last year, but it turns out another government agency was also running a surveillance system downtown that was capable of watching and listening to the public. Both are now dark.

The city’s smart streetlights were defunded this summer as part of a massive backlash to the way the technology had been pitched to officials and then evolved without the public’s knowledge or consent. The City Council is working now on rules governing the use and acquisition of surveillance gear and considering the creation of a privacy advisory board.

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Fox 5 San Diego: New Technology Detects Viruses In The Air

It’s a new piece of technology in the fight against COVID-19. A machine typically used to detect mold and bacteria in the air can now help tell if COVID-19 could be thriving in the same air you’re breathing.

Nate Stokes, Visiting Angels, said, “Equipment like this is going to be key to make sure that everyone feels safe going in to certain buildings, schools, hospitals, offices even, I mean everywhere.”

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Turlock Journal: California Residents Can Use Tech To Learn Of Possible COVID-19 Exposure

The California Department of Public Health and the California Department of technology have partnered together to launch new technology that will help people know if they have been potentially exposed to COVID-19.

The tech launched on Thursday and allows California residents to receive notifications informing them if they have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for the virus so they can take immediate actions around quarantine and testing.

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The San Diego Union-Tribune: Qualcomm Aims To Jumpstart Smart Cities Tech With New Plug And Play Subscription Suite

In a bid to jumpstart smart cities technologies, Qualcomm has launched a new Internet of Things Services Suite to help municipalities, schools, ports, hospitals and construction firms deploy digital tools without huge upfront costs.

The San Diego wireless technology giant is trying to remove some of the long-time roadblocks —namely tight budgets and supplier fragmentation — that have slowed smart cities and the Internet of Things market overall.

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Times of San Diego: AI, Machine Learning Give Big Boost To Local Economy – $33.3 Billion, 175,000 Jobs

San Diego industries that embrace artificial intelligence generate an estimated $33.3 billion in annual gross regional product, according to a new study by a local economic group.

They also support an estimated 175,680 local jobs, many high paying, the report, “Measuring the Future: AI and San Diego’s Economy,” by the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation, states.

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