New Orleans City Business: Ochsner Invests In New Orleans-Based Obatala Sciences

New Orleans-based biotechnology firm Obatala Sciences has received a major financial investment from a venture fund led by Ochsner Lafayette General.

The investment from the Healthcare Innovation Fund II will help Obatala continue its manufacturing of stem cell and hydrogel products for next-generation research.

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WGNO: 50 Local Families Gifted Computers From Comp-U-Dopt And City Of New Orleans Partnership

Virtual learning just got a little easier for dozens of local students. Non-profit Comp-U-Dopt, in partnership with the City of New Orleans, JP Morgan Chase, Repurpose, United Teachers of New Orleans, and First Grace United Methodist Church donated 50 repurposed computers to local families in need.

View full article in WGNO.’s ‘Mardi Gras For All Y’all’ Invites World To Immersive Carnival

The spirit of Mardi Gras will roll on in 2021, propelled by some of New Orleans’ best-loved celebrities and the wonders of technology.

A three-night, 4½-hour online spectacular called “Mardi Gras for all Y’all” will bring New Orleans’ signature celebration to the world. “Mardi Gras for all Y’all” is presented by and Blaine Kern’s Mardi Gras World.

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WDSU 6: NOLA-PS Moves To Virtual Learning Amid COVID-19 Spike In City

All New Orleans public schools will begin virtual learning this week due to a spike in coronavirus cases, according to a news release issued by NOLA-PS.

According to a news release issued by NOLA-PS, all schools will return to distance learning no later than Thursday to give families time to adjust to their schedules.

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It’s the time for New Year’s resolutions, so we’re going to suggest one: Don’t be afraid of new technology, and consider the library as a primary source for information that will allow you to conquer your tech fears.

Even though the coronavirus vaccine is here and life might go back to something resembling normalcy, the expanded use of technology is here to stay.

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KLFY: New Technology Detects Viruses In The Air

 It’s a new piece of technology in the fight against covid-19. A machine typically used to detect mold and bacteria in the air can now help tell if covid-19 could be thriving in the same air you’re breathing.

Nate Stokes, Visiting Angels, said, “Equipment like this is going to be key to make sure that everyone feels safe going in to certain buildings, schools, hospitals, offices even, I mean everywhere.”

A machine called the insta scope now joining the fight against covid-19.

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Baking Business: Virtual BakingTech Brings New Opportunities For Connections, Learning

The pandemic presented a list of challenges for every business, but maybe none more daunting than for those planning large expos, conferences and tradeshows. The American Society of Baking took a proactive approach this past year, understanding the unpredictability of the current situation. 

Limits on gatherings of no more than 50 people in Chicago meant that traditional BakingTECH events like the opening reception, lunches, the MarketPlace, Casino Night and the general sessions had to be changed. But ASB’s adaptation throughout the pandemic with virtual events like the Table of Ten networking discussions proved beneficial when creating an innovative virtual conference. 

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New Orleans City Business: Training Options Increase In New Orleans Tech Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a half to the hospitality and tourism industry in New Orleans and has left many workers either unemployed or underemployed.

Delgado Community College has a number of course offerings to help its students secure jobs in the city’s growing digital media and information and technology sectors.

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Associated Press: States Get Tracing Apps To Talk To Each Other As Virus Rises

As coronavirus exposure notification technology slowly rolls out across the country, every resident in 17 states and the District of Columbia will now be able to send and receive alerts beyond their home state if they’ve tested positive for the coronavirus or come into contact with someone who has.

On Friday, Virginia joined Washington, D.C., and 16 other states that have been using the Association of Public Health Laboratories’ National Key Server, which allows phones to “talk to each other” across state borders. This means users in these 18 areas won’t have to download a separate app in places they are visiting.

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