Built in LA: Frame Fitness Raises $5M, Plans to Launch Pilates Reformer in Early 2022

It seems as though everyone in LA has at least one friend that practices pilates. If you’ve gone to pilates with that friend and absolutely embarrassed yourself, you probably don’t ever want to try it again. But there is hope. Frame Fitness, an LA-based workout equipment company, is launching a pilates reformer for all of those too ashamed to return to their local studio and the seasoned experts looking to practice at home.

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Los Angeles Business Journal: Airdrop Service Dash Delivers Proof of Concept

In the 10 months Joel Ifill worked at El Segundo-based Aerojet Rocketdyne Holdings Inc., he said he “never felt at ease” making precision kinetic weapons, better known as smart bombs. Even after he left Rocketdyne in 2010, he said he couldn’t shake the idea that precision technology and his engineering prowess could be used for a less lethal application: deliveries to remote areas.

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Built in LA: How 2 Local Companies Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Sept. 15 marks the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month in the U.S., which honors the unique culture and history of people who hail from Spanish-speaking countries. At Welcome Tech, this month-long celebration has special importance. That’s because the company’s platform, SABEResPODER, provides Hispanic immigrants and their families with the resources they need to thrive in America. 

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L.A. Biz: Sherman Oaks Whole Foods to use Amazon Just Walk Out technology

Starting next year, shoppers at the Whole Foods Market in Sherman Oaks will be able to use Amazon.com Inc. technology that lets them walk right out of the store and avoid the checkout line. They’ll be able to use the Seattle retail giant’s (Nasdaq: AMZN) Just Walk Out checkout technology, which enables shoppers to enter the store, scan a credit card or an Amazon or Whole Foods app, complete their shopping and walk out without having to stand in a checkout line.

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Built in LA: Built In LA’s Featured Companies of the Month

We may be heading into the final quarter of the calendar year, but there’s still plenty of time for local companies to make an impact on their respective fields in a major way. That might mean hiring plans that result in bringing on talent who will innovate creatively and strategically, leveraging funding to break new ground on a product or other efforts.

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