Tampa Bay Inno: Tampa Startup with High-Tech Cleaning Robots is Getting National Attention

Christine Gallo has spent the last 18 months pivoting from simply trying to save lives to now trying to protect businesses.

“Before it was pandemonium, and now it’s strategic,” said Gallo, owner and founder of IP Program Infection Prevention. “Before it was — for lack of a better phrase — we were trying to save lives [with our cleaning solutions], and now we’re trying to help places open back up and keep things safe.”

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WIRED: ‘Miami Tech Week’ Wasn’t Planned. But the Hype Is Infectious

Farhaj Mayan was just starting to raise the seed round for his cannabis-tech startup when a few investors encouraged him to travel east. “Come to Miami,” they told him. “A lot of people will be there.”

Mayan, who lives in Oklahoma City, bought a plane ticket and booked an Airbnb. Then he saw that Keith Rabois, a venture capitalist who had recently moved to Miami, was hosting a four-week fellowship for entrepreneurs and investors. Mayan applied, got in, and arrived in the city on Wednesday, just ahead of a kick-off party that would bring together 100 people “to explore ideas, build projects, and grow their networks.”

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Tampa Bay Inno: Tampa Fintech Startup Emerges from Stealth Mode with Global Focus

A Tampa startup with a focus on the investment industry has officially launched to the public.

vigtec.io, an “investor discovery platform,” launched its web app on Tuesday and plans to launch its mobile app in May. The company’s aim is to appeal to both novice investors and longtime traders. It offers a research and investor education platform, as well as more advanced investors custom alerts, algorithms, content channels and market indicators.

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