Refresh Miami: Togal.AI lands top prize at eMerge, enabling growth of construction planning platform

The Togal.AI team won $420,000 at the 2022 eMerge Americas Startup Competition, with Shark Tank judge Kevin O’Leary singing the startup’s praises. Murphy, a former congressman, expressed his excitement about the win: “Getting validation from a Shark Tank judge is not only cool, but a sign that Togal is worth investing in.”

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Benzinga: Black Billionaire Institute Hosts Part 2 of The Startup Workshop Series In Tampa Bay

Dina Davis and her team at Black Billionaire Institute have taken the pursuit of providing underserved minority communities and people of color with core business principles to another level as the business development platform announces plans for its Startup Workshop. Part 2 of the series, which is based on the book, The Billionaire Playbook – The Startup, will be held in Tampa, Florida on Saturday, May 14th, 2022, delivering resources that will help attendees create their startup.

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Refresh Miami: Introducing Box Box: Miami racing, car culture + tech

With the first-ever Miami GP taking place in Miami this weekend, interest in racing and car culture has never been higher. While interest is at its peak, we realize that traditional car and racing clubs can be intimidating – not to mention expensive. Box Box is here to solve that problem. Think about us as an inclusive and accessible SoHo House membership club for car and race lovers.

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Refresh Miami: In the startup spotlight: Slingr leads the low-code revolution, from Miami to Argentina and beyond

With the need for engineering talent at an all-time high, it is more important than ever for companies to develop software as efficiently as possible. Enter no-code and low-code platforms, which aim to either help developers work more quickly or enable non-technical employees to ship products themselves. The market for no-code and low-code software development platforms is large – upwards of $12 billion in 2020 – and growing at a rate of 24% annually.

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