Innovating Women: Leading Midwest Tech into the Future

To close out Women’s History Month 2022, Verizon’s Nia Mathis spoke with Patty Hagen, T-REX; Elle Ramel, GET Cities Chicago; Michelle Reaves, Detroit Area Pre College Engineering Program (DAPCEP); and Marie Mackintosh, EmployIndy about creating intentional lanes for women and girls in tech – and ultimately how to create a more diverse workforce. Catch the replay below:

Verizon Small Business Digital Ready: Tailored to Your Needs Anytime, Anywhere

Grand Rapids Area Black Businesses leader Jamiel Robinson talked with StartupNation CEO Jeff Sloan about how the Verizon Small Business Digital Ready program helps people move forward in their entrepreneurial journey.

How VSBDR can help: Some of the needs, especially when it comes to small businesses on the technical assistance side, is help with financial statements. So we know that with the pandemic a lot of businesses, when it came to applying for assistance, whether that was relief grants or other kinds of relief loans, a lot of that required a lot of financial documents. Especially when we talk about small businesses of color, it didn’t necessarily have all of those documents. And so they missed out on a lot of the relief funding because they didn’t necessarily have all the paperwork in order.

Check out the full interview on Startup Nation.

Q&A: How Verizon Small Business Digital Ready Can Help You (with Verizon’s Director of Community Engagement, Brianna Ellison)

What work is Verizon doing in the Detroit/Michigan community to help small businesses?

Verizon has actively partnered with Michigan small businesses. We are members of numerous chambers of commerce and associations from across the state that work with small businesses (such as the Detroit Regional Chamber, Grand Rapids Chamber, Dearborn Chamber, The Right Place, MI Chamber, Automation Alley, Metro Detroit Black Business Alliance, MI Business Incubator Assoc.). Verizon participates in a number of thought leadership events with these organizations to share expertise and resources with their membership.

Read the full interview on Startup Nation.

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