Boston Business Journal: Form D Friday: Alphabet’s Independent Growth Fund Invests in Boston Startup

This week, the early-stage company that raised the largest round of funding is Boston-based Notarize Inc., which brought home $130 million in a Series D round. Overall, the companies we tracked between March 29 and April 2 raised a total of $345 million; the industry sectors in this week’s spotlight range from alternative energy to vertical farming.

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The Wall Street Journal: What Covid-19 Taught Us About Telemedicine

The Covid-19 pandemic created the perfect test lab for telemedicine.

The closure of clinics and hospitals during the early days of the lockdown, and the subsequent guidelines to avoid venturing out as much as possible, forced a massive shift to video consults, providing a crash course on how they work—and what can go wrong. Now, as doctors resume in-person visits, virtual care is poised to play a permanent role, as evidence shows that not only is it highly convenient, but it often works just as well, and sometimes better, for an unexpected range of care.

View full article in The Wall Street Journal. Boston Harbor Now Praises “BlueTech Innovation Grant” Program

The Massachusetts Seaport Economic Council this month launched a new “BlueTech Tech and Innovation Grant” challenge program offering potentially hundreds of thousands in funding to entrepreneurs, technology firms, and municipalities interested in developing innovative solutions to improve the economies of marine industries and coastal communities in the Bay State.

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Boston Inno: Year-Old Startup Nth Party is Making Data-Sharing More Private

Shereen Shermak is a busy woman. Two years ago, she was multitasking as executive director of the Boston Women’s Workforce Council, an entrepreneur-in-residence at Boston University and an angel investor. At BU, Shermak met a group of people who had developed a software that allowed different parties to use and compare encrypted datasets — without ever decrypting them.

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Boston Business Journal: MIT Spinoff Plans Local Hiring Spree with New $7M Funding Round

A tech startup that launched in 2016 is planning to double its headcount in New England after raising new investment funds.

MIT spinoff Pison Technology, which has around 40 local employees, closed a $7 million round this month to bring its total funding to $11 million, according to CEO Dexter Ang.

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MarketTechPost: This Boston Based Startup is Applying Machine Learning-Anchored Computation to Enhance Drug Discovery and Development

Valo Health is a drug development company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, the United States, which uses human-centric data and machine learning to strengthen and boost the process of drug discovery and its development to promote intelligent health. The Opal Computational Platform by Valo Health utilizes the available clinical data and identifies the different molecules present to better the therapy results. This ensures that the procedure of drug discovery is an end-to-end process and can be used for an entire plethora of diseases. In the recent Series B funding rounds, this organization managed to add another $100 million in its funding, taking the total funding received in this round to $300 million. This funding will be primarily utilized for R&D to further improve technology and expand the drug development program.

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