Bost Inno: Boston’s robotics companies planning a ‘robot block party’ this weekend

Dozen’s of robots walked, crawled and flew across the Seaport this weekend, from iRobot’s vacuum to Boston Dynamic’s robot dog, Spot. More than 40 companies took part in a “Robot Block Party” put on by MassRobotics Saturday, part of a several-day Robo Boston Festival that the group was putting on for the first time.

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Bost Inno: Catalog raises $35M to commercialize its DNA data storage process

A Boston company working on storing digital data in synthetic DNA has attracted a new round of funding to help it work on its science fiction–esque vision of building chemical computers. Catalog’s $35 million Series B fundraising is being led by Hanwha Impact Partners, a sustainability-focused investment wing of the South Korean conglomerate Hanwha Group.

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Bost Inno: Amazon-backed microphone startup Vesper raises $18 million

A Boston startup building tiny microphones and voice-activated technology has picked up $18 million more in funding, with Amazon again among the company’s backers. Vesper’s funding round led by Boston venture firm Accomplice drew 11 investors, including headphone and speaker giant Bose and Amazon’s Alexa Fund, a wing of the company that invests in voice technology, the company said in a news release Tuesday. Both companies have previously backed the startup.

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Built in Boston: This AI Startup Just Scored a $3M Seed Round From Bain Capital

We certainly seem to be in the midst of a massive shift toward “no-code” technology, with investors pumping many millions of dollars into companies like UnqorkAirSlate and Bubble for their unique capabilities. This week, yet another player in the burgeoning space has raised funding. This time, it’s Cambridge-based Akkio, which announced Monday it closed on a $3 million seed round led by Bain Capital.

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Built in Boston: Healthtech Company Neuroglee Raises $10M, Moves HQ to Boston

Diseases can cause specific organs to degrade. Luckily, modern medicine has given us ways to slow down, or even reverse this degenerative process. People take prescription pills to help with heart disease, undergo surgeries to improve their kidney health and so on. But what if treating a brain disease was as non-invasive as looking at a computer screen.

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Built in Boston: Cybersecurity Company Snyk Hits $8.5B Valuation After $530M Raise

Cyber criminals keep going after bigger and bigger targets, whether that’s a global corporationpipeline or secretive government agency. These hacks may be scary to think about, but they continue to prove just how valuable strong cybersecurity practices are. And strong cybersecurity practices are what Snyk is all about.

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Bost Inno: Back to school: Here are 8 edtech startups to keep on your startups syllabus

Spending increased by 25% in the education technology, or edtech, sector, from 2019 to 2020. The U.S. spent $35.8 billion in the K-12 sector last year, according to The Learning Council, a research institute. This spending went into updating classroom technology from hardware to software systems to remote-learning resources. 

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