Sacramento Business Journal: Social Media Startup Sircles Turns To Equity Crowdfunding To Raise $1 Million For January Launch

Sacramento social media startup Sircles launched an equity crowdfunding effort on website Thursday with a goal of raising $1 million.

By Friday morning, Sircles had raised $485,000 from 697 investors, according to the San Francisco-based Wefunder Inc. website.

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Government Technology: Cruise Gets Approval To Test AV Tech In San Francisco

Cruise LLC got the green light Thursday to test autonomous vehicles without a safety driver on the streets of San Francisco.

This permit from the California Department of Motor Vehicles will allow Cruise — which is largely owned by General Motors Co., Honda Motor Co. and SoftBank — to test five completely driverless Chevrolet Bolt-based vehicles on certain streets streets in city. Cruise is the fifth company to receive a driverless testing permit in the state, and there are 60 companies permitted to test autonomous vehicles with a safety driver.

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Forbes: Food And Beverage Industry Develops A Taste For Tech

Artificial flavors are nothing new, but Geneva-based Firmenich recently created what’s being described as the world’s first flavor made entirely with artificial intelligence (AI). If they’re right, it’ll also be something that tastes good.

The idea is to use data to develop flavors, better predicting and delivering what consumers want. Firmenich used consumer data, digital surveys and Microsoft’s Azure cloud technologies to guide the creation of a lightly grilled beef flavor for meat substitutes, and it’s testing additional AI flavors. Big data can be a big part of creating flavors, determining what consumers like rather than just tracking trends and personal tastes.

View full article in Forbes. Yes, Innovation Can Grow In Non-Tech Environments. Here Are 5 Ways To Do It

The word “innovation” has come to be nearly synonymous with technology, but really, it’s about the process of developing new solutions for old problems.

That can include any kind of change that makes things more effective and efficient, or even questioning why things are done the way they’re done.

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VentureBeat: 7 Companies In The Tech Space That Were Founded By Women Of Color

It’s no secret that Black entrepreneurs are less likely to receive venture capital funding. Historically, the same has been said for female entrepreneurs. So, you can imagine that the odds are stacked against you if you are a woman of color trying to set up a business.

Despite this, there are countless women of color doing incredible things in industries all over the world, specifically the tech space. And I wanted to do some shouting about a select number of said entrepreneurs. So, here are seven incredible tech companies that were founded by amazing women of color.

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Santa Barbara Independent: Investor Insight Into Tech Trends

Having invested in more than 100 startups (“which means I’ve looked at well over 1,000 of them”), Santa Barbara Angel Alliance founder John Petote shares these insights on today’s tech trends. 

Watch the Legislation: “You’ve got the government coming down on the four or five big leaders in technology. That’s going to slow them down in some form. I’ve seen this cycle a number of times, where three to four horses take off and they just start dominating. Then the government gets involved, and that means there’s a new fertile ground opportunity for startups to really address niches that they can exploit in a three- to seven-year period.” 

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Northern Nevada Business Weekly: Bay Area Tech Company Revolutionizing Videoconferencing Plugs Into Northern Nevada

It’s a Friday morning in mid-September, and Steve Ernst has already been in offices in Vancouver, Atlanta, New York, London and Denmark. He’s met with people, popped into meetings, roamed offices.

And he did it all from his house in the Carson Valley.

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Fortune: Clean Tech Is Getting A Fresh Slate In 2020

Happy Monday, readers.

A few weeks back, Fortune asked for submissions to the Impact 20, a list of startups that are trying to make money while addressing social issues.
And, well, Term Sheet readers were very, very responsive to the call. Here’s the list.

What’s notable: Many startups are focusing on environmental sustainability. About 40% of the 20 startups on the list address the issue—whether it be through food waste (TreeDots), recycling (AMP Robotics), or energy consumption (Dandelion Energy).

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Autocar Professional: Fisker To Establish New Tech Centre In San Francisco

California-headquartered luxury electric vehicle manufacturer Fisker Inc. has announced details surrounding its first dedicated engineering and technology centre, to be located in the Mission District of San Francisco.

The company says this facility will be the focal point and development centre for its software and vehicle electronics, including both in-car and Fisker data centre elements.

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