The Baltimore Sun: CCPS Installs New School Bus Technology To Enhance Safety As Schools Prepare To Open

Buses will be boasting new safety technology when they roll out Monday morning to transport students across the county as Carroll County Public Schools begins its hybrid learning plan.

The school system’s entire fleet of 311 buses are now equipped with stop-arm enforcement devices to help reduce the illegal passing of buses and ensure a safer journey to and from schools. CCPS is partnering with BusPatrol, a Virginia-based safety tech company, and they presented their initiative at a news conference Thursday morning at Winters Mill High School in Westminster.

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Baltimore Business Journal: Baltimore’s ReGelTec Raises $3.75M, Readies To Expand Clinical Trials

Baltimore-based medical device startup ReGelTec Inc. has secured more than $3.75M in Series A financing, and is working toward launching clinical trials for its technology in the U.S. next year.

The new round was raised from a handful of undisclosed angel investors, as well as some existing local funders like the Abell Foundation, said CEO Bill Niland. Two-year-old ReGelTec is previously backed by $2 million in seed financing.

View full article in Baltimore Business Journal. Verizon Brings 5G Service To Select Parts Of Baltimore

5G is live in Baltimore. Verizon is introducing its 5G Ultra Wideband service for wireless customers downtown and in parts of Baltimore County. This service is expected to be double the speeds of 4G and be a significant bridge in the digital divide in terms of internet connectivity, officials said on Wednesday.

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Towson Patch: CIS Student A Standout Nomination In Local Tech Awards At Towson

Towson University’s Paige Zaleppa ’19, ’21 stands among local technology innovators as the only student nominated for Technical Leader of the Year in the 2020 awards.

Zaleppa, who graduated in 2019 with a degree in information systems and is pursuinga master’s in computer science, is the product manager at TU’s Cybersecurity Labs and Resource Knowledgebase (CLARK), a platform created in 2017 with a grant from the NSA to TU faculty Sidd Kaza (and others whose names I can’t recall at the moment) maintained by TU students.

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The Baltimore Sun: Using Technology To Tailor Lessons To Each Student

When 12-year-old Nina Mones was in sixth grade last year, she struggled to keep up with her math class, getting stuck on improper fractions. And as the teacher pushed ahead with new lessons, she fell further and further behind.

Then in the fall of 2019, her charter school, the Phoenix International Academy in Phoenix, brought in a program called Teach to One 360, which uses computer algorithms and machine learning to offer daily math instruction tailored to each student. Nina, now in seventh grade, flourished.

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Baltimore Business Journal: Baltimore Startup Infosec Learning Raises $1M, Readies For Growth After Some Early ‘Failures’

Baltimore IT training business Infosec Learning has secured $1 million in funding to support significant employee and revenue growth.

Jim Kowatch, CEO of Infosec Learning, said his five-year-old company has tried several times to raise growth capital previously. After a few early “stumbles and failures,” and finally armed with a significant investment, he said the company is ready to greatly accelerate its growth.

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Baltimore Business Journal: Deal Roundup: Here’s Who Brought In Cash, Made Growth Moves This Month In Tech

Greater Baltimore tech firms raked in some major funding rounds this month. Among the most notable were a pair of large Series B funding rounds — Baltimore fintech firm Facet Wealth raised $25 million and Curtis Bay-based e-commerce firm Whitebox raised $18 million.

Though they may have involved smaller dollar amounts, plenty of other deals went down this month as well. With this roundup, I aim to keep track of the folks and firms who are bringing in new money, launching new technologies and making market moves locally.

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The Baltimore Sun: Beyond The Pandemic, Libraries Look Toward A New Era

Many companies and public institutions were unprepared for the pandemic and the ensuing lockdown. There was one notable, perhaps even surprising, exception: the nation’s public libraries.

For more than a decade, these seemingly traditional institutions had been investing in a range of technologies and media. Libraries now balance two stacks: the physical with the so-called digital full stack.

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