Digital Journal: Arizona’s SciTech Community Receives $1 Million Grant from National Science Foundation to Develop STEM Learning Opportunities for People with Autism Spectrum Disorder

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded a grant valued at over $1 million to the Institute for Learning Innovation (ILI), in partnership with SciTech Institute and the Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center (SARRC). The grant will be used to foster engagement in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) learning and social interaction for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

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Arizona Capitol Times: Arizona Needs New, Innovative Ways to Produce Energy

Arizona has a long history of innovation and entrepreneurship that has helped us grow from a Western outpost into a robust and thriving economy. While Covid has obviously had an impact, we are well-positioned for a strong recovery, in part because of the strength of Arizona’s clean energy, technology and innovation sectors. As we focus on our economic recovery efforts, it is essential that we identify and implement opportunities to support these sectors, which continue to diversify our state’s overall economy.  

View full article in Arizona Capitol Times. Tucson Tech: Longtime Laser Developer Moves to UA Tech Park

Longtime Tucson laser and directed-energy technology developer Applied Energetics Inc. is relocating its corporate headquarters to the University of Arizona Tech Park on South Rita Road.

The company said the move, expected to take place over the next two months, will support future growth with greater capacity for research, product development and production.

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AZ Big Media: Intel’s $20 Billion Arizona Expansion Will Bring 3,000 New High-Wage Jobs

Intel today announced a substantial expansion of its Arizona-based manufacturing capacity with a $20 billion investment – the largest private sector investment in state history. The expansion will see the construction of two new semiconductor fabrication facilities, or fabs, which will produce advanced semiconductor chips used in modern electronics.

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Phoenix Business Journal: Entrepreneur: Cyber Dive Helps Parents ‘Bridge the Digital Divide’ — and Keep Tabs on Their Kids

On the internet you can find delightful things such as new recipes and videos of kittens or much seedier content you wouldn’t want to view on a company machine.

Cyber Dive is a tool for parents looking to keep an eye on their children as they traverse this wide array of content available on the internet. Specifically, it’s an app that links to SnapChat, Google, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and other social media accounts and provides parents with information about what their child does while online.

View full article in Phoenix Business Journal. Scottsdale Entrepreneurs Turn Side Hustle into a Startup in Pandemic

A year ago this month, our worlds changed. Kids and co-workers got sent home for months, and some never went back. Arizona’s Family is trying to spotlight the silver linings of how our lives changed over the last year for the better.

While a lot of people took up new crafts during the pandemic, others went all-in on their hobbies and passions, turning their side hustle into a startup.

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Phoenix Business Journal: Our View: Arizona Continues to Lead the Way with Autonomous Vehicle Technology

In the past five years the state of Arizona has become the world leader in autonomous vehicle (AV) technology, home to one of the most significant leaps forward in innovation. Arizonans embraced AV technology from the very start, and they’ve witnessed firsthand the millions of miles of advancement that have been made on their roads, including the first fully autonomous ride hail service available to the public.

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