Bridging the Digital Divide: The YWCA’s Women’s Digital Literacy aims to even the playing field

The Digital Skills Academy is a class that offers its participants the opportunity to bridge this gap. In a study done by McKinsey Group, Black Americans constitute about 13% of the overall workforce but represent only 7.4% of digital workers, leading to disparities in income and wealth. Program manager Sooraya Williams is a dedicated advocate and the driving force behind the Digital Skills Academy. Williams was born in Macon. Her parents, her mother is from Sri Lanka, met during their time at Georgia College. Williams was raised in a family with four other children with limited access to technology. She didn’t have her own laptop until her junior year of college. This experience forged a deep connection to the need for accessibility and affordability of technology and understanding the importance of having the right tools to succeed in today’s digital age.

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FCC Says Over One Million Homes Have Gained High-Speed Internet Access Since May

December 1, 2023
The digital divide is still significant, but it’s “narrowing,” according to Federal Communications Commission Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel. The FCC on Friday released its third National Broadband Map, which shows where...

Verizon grants $100K to Associated Industries of Massachusetts to launch digital inclusion program

November 29, 2023
Verizon announces a $100,000 award to the Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM) to establish the Digital Inclusion Initiative (DI2). The partnership is part of the Verizon Forward Community Enhancement Award,...

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