Biden Administration Asks Congress for $6 Billion to Continue ACP

The Biden administration asked Congress on Wednesday for $6 billion to extend the Affordable Connectivity Program through December 2024. The program was set up with a $14 billion allotment from the 2021 Infrastructure, Investment and Jobs Act. It provides a monthly internet discount of $30 for low-income households and $75 for residents of Tribal lands, more than 20 million households in total. Participants can also get a one-time $100 device subsidy.

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Verizon pledges free Internet for six months as ACP dies

April 18, 2024
Verizon said it will offer a discount to its "Verizon Forward" subscribers that will effectively make their Internet services free during a six-month promotional period. The company's offer arrives as...

Millions of Low-Income Families Set to Lose Internet Subsidies

March 28, 2024
Phyllis Jackson, a retired administrative assistant in Monroeville, Pa., signed up for home internet service for the first time in about two decades early last year. She now regularly uses...

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