AZ Inno: Arizona’s economic investments aim to attract high-tech industry players

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If there was any doubt about the wisdom of the state of Arizona’s investment in the New Economy Initiative, recent events have confirmed that the governor and the state legislature knew what they were doing.

It has long been a goal of state and local leaders to diversify the Arizona economy and to make it more resilient. The new year brought news of progress on that front.

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KTAR News: Arizona farmers see booming tech industry as competition for water

May 16, 2022
Arizona farmers struggling to grow crops because of drought conditions now have another challenge — tech companies that also rely on large amounts of water are expanding throughout the state....
Cityscape skyline view of office buildings and apartment condominiums in downtown Phoenix Arizona USA

Phoenix Business journal: NortonLifeLock says it will appeal $185M verdict in patent infringement case

May 15, 2022
A federal jury ordered NortonLifeLock Inc. to pay more than $185 million in damages in a cybersecurity patent infringement lawsuit. Read the full article here.

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