Atlanta Inno: Launchpad2X launches grant fund for women after a decade of mentoring

Tamara Lucas white-knuckled the steering wheel on the way to her second day in the Launchpad2X program. She was already breaking the first rule — never be late.  The entrepreneur let out a string of apologies as she rushed to her seat in a small conference room in Tech Alpharetta. Unknowingly, she just broke another rule.

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Community Partnership Chat: youthSpark

August 23, 2022
Join Verizon's Michelle Arrington for a discussion with Jennifer Swain, Executive Director of youthSpark. The two discussed how youthSpark's innovative programs provide cutting edge services, education, and advocacy to combat...

Atlanta Voice: Atlanta-based music technology company simplifies licensing proces

May 16, 2022
Sustainability-focused delivery service The Rounds, which delivers private-label and local home and food products direct to users’ doors, is ready to test its model in a new kind of city....

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