AI in Transportation: Logistics

San Diego Logistics companies are harnessing the power of AI and ML to significantly sharpen their competitive edge, disrupting traditional shipping practices and ushering in a new age of convenience and reliability for customers. This is especially pertinent amid the largest supply chain disruption in a generation.

Carlsbad-based Airspace provides services to optimize the combination of land, air, and/or sea routes to ensure the timeliest delivery, including the high stakes cargo such as vital organs between hospitals for transplants. Other local company Boxton is a four-party logistics (4PL) provider that streamlines the shipping process, allowing customers to optimize everything from the ordering process to sourcing shipping companies to finding the most efficient price given any number of parameters. The company will even parse through and make sense of customs documents. Meanwhile, established local firm Lytx designs smart technology solutions that help solve two key challenges faced by commercial fleets: driver safety and operational efficiency.

AI in Transportation: Logistics from San Diego Regional EDC on Vimeo.

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