Afro Tech: Mobile Shopping App Wish Personalizes Customer Experiences And Hires Top Tech Talent

In this pandemic economy, stretching a dollar as far as it can go is key. The mission of Wish, a worldwide mobile e-commerce marketplace, is to help people do that by enabling merchants around the world to sell products at prices generated for the value-conscious consumer. More than 500,000 merchants sell around 1.7 million products a day directly to 60 million monthly active users. And they sell everything from household goods to clothing and gadgets.

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Built in SF: Hello Heart Raises $70M for Mobile Blood Pressure Monitor

May 16, 2022
One company is making it easier for those with hypertension to keep an eye on blood pressure and take steps to manage it. Hello Heart, which closed a $70 million...
Image of a woman sitting at her computer working in a room.

Built in SF: The Leaders Making Quora’s Knowledge-Sharing Mission Possible

May 15, 2022
In practice, enacting a sweeping change to go remote-first can cause a disruptive shift, even for a well-established company. Yet for the team behind the Q&A-centered online platform at Quora,...

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