5G in 5: Top Tech This Week – November 5

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Here’s this week’s rundown of our favorite pieces of 5G news and stories about emerging and innovative technologies. To follow the series, check back here every week and look out for #5Gin5 posts from @Facesof5G.

DC5G – Partnerships among public and private stakeholders will be critical to the successful and timely rollout of 5G. That was one of the topics that was discussed at DC5G earlier this week. Faces of 5G was featured during the opening panel. Read more about the conference here and check out coverage here and here.

The Power of Everything – Nokia’s Jai Thattil wrote for Inc. that “traditional network services have been determined by the limits of the technology. With 5G, those technical limitations are no longer a barrier, making it possible to do pretty much anything.” And by pretty much anything he means, enhanced analytics, more immersive experiences, smarter stadiums – the list goes on. Read more here.

New Way to Think About 5G – At the Design and Manufacturing Minneapolis show, Verizon’s Joshua Ness talked about the impact 5G could have in the factory space and left the door open for currently unimagined uses. Think about it this way: “Ness notes that 5G resembles the early years of the iPhone when users had more capacity than they were accustomed to, and app developers didn’t know what to do with the overcapacity.” Read more here.

Shaping Sports – How can 5G change how we view sports? The answer is an augmented reality simulcast. With connected glasses, attendees will be able to adjust language commentary, re-watch plays, and receive the latest stats. Read more here.

 Faces of 5G in Forbes – This week, Matt Weinberg caught up with Forbes contributor, Roslyn Layton to discuss the exciting possibilities 5G enables and to highlight the amazing advancements in technology innovators across the country were already making. Read the full story here.

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