5G in 5: Top Tech This Week – April 24, 2020

Here’s this week’s rundown of the top 5 stories of 5G news about emerging and innovative technologies. To follow the series, check back here every week and look out for #5Gin5 posts from @Facesof5G.

  1. Essential Role of 5G in Our Future— The emerging need for telehealth, distance learning, and remote working rapidly evolved as the global pandemic created a new normal. Evolving technologies will enhance remote interactions to allow for increased virtual interactions and engagement across the globe. For example, “5G will advance the capabilities of [new] technologies, enabling clinicians to make sharper and more accurate diagnoses and decisions,” says Sentara Healthcare’s CEO Howard Kern. Read more here.
  2. Commercial Buildings will Benefit from 5G— Commercial buildings and its occupants require ample network connectivity that is fast and reliable. 5G, paired with IoT solutions, will support user experiences in a building, connect teams in multiple locations, assist service professionals, and enhance multi-language interaction in real time. “We will see applications we haven’t thought of yet,” says Darren Sadana, CEO of Choice IoT, who expects the next Amazon or Google to be developed in medical, autonomous vehicles, or IoT. Read more here.
  3. Agritech Powered by 5G— Autonomous drone sprayers and other smart farm machinery are examples of new technology that will be brought to life by 5G. The fifth generation network will help farmers on a global scale by improving the monitoring of crops, watering schedules, weed growth, and other pertinent data. “5G on farm machinery and sensors will increase massively the amount of data available, meaning AI can now get to work properly,” says Paul Beastall, Director of Technology Strategy at Cambridge Consultants. Read more here.
  4. IoT Benefitting from 5G— Across many industries, including education and healthcare, IoT is facing multi-dimensional growth, as 5G is expected to create trailblazing opportunities for innovation and development of technology. Industrial IoT, for example, will greatly benefit from 5G “…as [it] can now collect and report large volumes of real-time data from manufacturing units and sensors, helping companies obtain valuable insights and take well informed decisions”. Read more here.
  5. Designing 5G-Ready Devices— 5G is diversifying products in the marketplace and creating new competition for product manufacturers. Cloud computing, IoT, remote tele-surgery and precision manufacturing, are all examples of where a new approach to design will become even more crucial. “Businesses are turning to virtual prototyping to manage the complexity of 5G across the entire value chain, from the idea through to design, simulation and optimization, all the way to manufacturing and delivery,” says John Kitchingman, Managing Director of EuroNorth’s Dassault Systèmes. Read more here.

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