5G Home is powering the next generation of wireless broadband. This ultra-fast, ultra-simple fixed wireless home internet gives users the performance and speed they need to thrive in the digital economy. From telemedicine to remote learning, 5G’s advanced capabilities have already transformed the way we live our lives. 5G Home and fixed wireless will deliver crucial internet connectivity to all Americans.

Verizon is deploying ultra-high speed fixed wireless broadband over 5G networks by using wireless links between fixed points, from nearby towers and a home broadband router at a consumer’s residence, rather than through a wired cable or fiber connection.

With speed, capacity, and low latency, fixed wireless serves as a viable alternative and a true substitute to cable’s wired broadband connections. It has the ability to serve as a whole home or office solution for families and small businesses, connecting multiple devices at high speeds.

Thanks to 5G, fixed wireless is delivering broadband connectivity and strengthening the infrastructure of homes and communities across the country.

Learn how Verizon is using fixed wireless to connect communities and bridge the digital divide.

5G home is wireless. Just place the order, plug it in and turn it on.

Independent experts agree: fixed wireless is key to bridging the digital divide.

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